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Courtroom Diagram

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Know your way around the courtroom before you go to court.

Diagram of a typical courtroom in Spokane County. (Not to scale)

1 – Courtroom Clerk

The Clerk keeps track of the evidence that is and is not admitted during a trial.

2 – The Bench

Where the Judge sits whenever he or she is presiding over a legal matter.

3 – Witness Box

Where a witness sits during questioning during a legal proceeding.

4 – Court Reporter

The court reporter takes notes on everything that is said during a legal proceeding.

5 – The Well

The empty space between the attorney tables (#7 and #9) and the Bench (#2).

6 – Jury Box

The seats where a jury sits during trial.

7 – Respondent / Defendant table

The table where a respondent / defendant sits with his or her attorney during a legal proceeding.

8 – Lectern

The podium where an attorney or party may speak to the judge with the aid of a microphone (some courtrooms do not have a lectern).

9 – Petitioner / Plaintiff table

The table where a petitioner / plaintiff sit during a legal proceeding. The Bar often has a swinging door to allow attorneys and their clients into the Gallery.

10 – The Bar

The short half-wall that separates the Gallery from the attorneys.

11 – The Gallery

The benches or seats where the public may view a court proceeding.

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