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Domestic Violence Protection Order

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Part one of the VLP's Protection Order series.

Who can Apply:

  • Victims of domestic violence.

  • People who are afraid a family member (or intimate partner) is going to hurt them.

What it Does:

  • Prohibits contact of any kind.

  • Removes the abuser from the house and prohibit him or her from coming inside.

  • Grants temporary custody of children and a temporary visitation schedule.

  • Orders the abuser to go to treatment or counseling.

What happens if he or she violates the protection order?

Mandatory arrest with possible criminal or contempt charges.

Examples of Domestic Violence:

  • Your ex-husband is threatening to burn down your house.

  • Your girlfriend hits you and calls you horrible names when you disagree with her.

NOT examples of Domestic Violence:

  • Your roommate hits you or steals your computer.

  • Your creepy landlord comes into your house uninvited.

Learn more about Domestic Violence Protection Orders in Spokane County.

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