November V.I.V. - Sarah Cuellar

Updated: Feb 14

The VLP is delighted to recognize Sarah Cuellar as this month's VIV - Very Important Volunteer.

Sarah has been practicing family law and general practice law for six years. After a recent move to Ferry County, her practice shifted again to accommodate her new community’s needs. Sarah’s current case load is primarily estate planning and personal injury with some consumer and family law. In Ferry County courts, there is limited court staff. Sarah does her best to fill in the gaps left by the small administrative staff by answering the basic procedural questions many litigants ask. Her view on the matter is “if it takes me a few minutes or a few hours to help a person with what is usually the biggest problem of their lives, why wouldn’t I?”

Sarah recognizes the overwhelming need for legal assistance throughout our region. She is determined to be part of the solution. She says she “feels an ethical duty, as a representative of the legal community, to assist the public in understanding the legal process so that the system works for every citizen, regardless of income.” Sarah has been a supporter of the VLP for several years and has continued to volunteer since her move to her new home in the north in a unique way.

When Sarah moved to Ferry County, the VLP reached out to see if she could provide this participant with direct help. The VLP has been assisting this woman with her divorce through web-hosted meetings and phone calls for the past year, but these long-distance meetings weren’t extremely effective. In the wake of domestic violence, a devastating house fire, and the lack of basic amenities, she needed direct assistance.

Sarah has not only been able to help this participant with her legal needs, but with her non-legal needs as well. Sarah has picked up and delivered food from the food bank, taken the participant to and from errands when she didn’t have a functioning vehicle, and worked diligently to get her involved with other resources in their area. While this case is not a typical case for the VLP, it does highlight the sometimes desperate conditions participants of the program find themselves in. Sarah’s willingness to extend her personal resources to a VLP participant shows her dedication to the spirit of the VLP and her commitment to the people in her community.

Thank you for all your help, Sarah! You’re an inspiration to us all.

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