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Video Highlight: Courthouse Navigation

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Every few weeks, the VLP will be promoting a video from the VLP’s Self-Help Center. The VLP and its partners created these educational videos to help community members (like you!) learn more about the legal system in Spokane and feel more prepared for court.

This week, the VLP would like to highlight our video on Courthouse Navigation. This informational video takes the viewer on a virtual tour of the Spokane County Courthouse and surrounding buildings. The viewer will learn to identify important locations and services offered around the Spokane County campus.

Tour “stops” include the following:

  • Assessor, Auditor, & Treasurer

  • Motor Vehicle Licensing

  • Family Law Center

  • Spokane County Clerk’s Office

  • Courtrooms

  • Pre-Trial Services

  • Juror Assembly Room

  • Counsel for Defense

  • Spokane County Bar Association

  • Public Safety Building

  • Public Defender

  • Public Works

  • Juvenile Justice Center

  • Broadway Center

  • Spokane Regional Health Building

To view a full list of videos available and instructions on how to access them, click here.

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