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VLP Forms Sales - Now Online!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

When the VLP schedules clients for clinics, we ask that they have their paperwork prepared, because this allows our volunteer attorneys to make the most of their scheduled time. For those with access to printers, the forms are available for free online here (remember to print the documents single-sided).

We understand that not everyone has access to a printer at this time. The VLP sells packets of Family Law forms for individuals representing themselves. In an effort to keep our clients safe but provide access to forms, the VLP is making Family Law packets available by mail. Packets that are currently available by mail are:

Dissolution of Marriage with Children

Dissolution of Marriage without Children

Establishing Residential Schedule & Child Support

Modification of Custody Decree & Parenting Plan

Modification of Child Support

Non-Parental Custody

Modification of Non-Parental Custody

Establishing Parentage

To purchase forms, go to our Forms Store. You do not need to be a VLP client to purchase our form packets. Shipping is included in the listed prices on the store page.

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