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Eviction Defense Project

Our Eviction Defense Program is no longer active due to a lack of funding. 

Other helpful sites
​For more information and/or legal forms:
  • : Website created by the Northwest Justice Project. Provides legal help and directories along with forms and information on how to fill out legal forms.
  • : Website for the Washington Tenant's Union. Provides tenants with information on their rights and the processes of an eviction.
  • : Washington State Court forms page. Contains most common forms for some legal issues.
  • Revised Code of Washington  : List of all the current permanent laws for the state of Washington.
For rental assistance:
  • SNAP : Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners (SNAP) provides Spokane community members with rental assistance.
  • Family Promise of Spokane : Provides housing assistance to Spokane families.
  • livestories Spokane : Rental assistance through the city of Spokane. No longer accepts applications, but has a list of community organizations which may provide rental assistance.
For mediation on rent-repayment:
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