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VLP Success Stories

A participant in the VLP Family Law  section shares her experience with the VLP...

     CLEAR connected me to the Volunteer Lawyers Program, and I was able to set up an appointment. The first time I met with the volunteer was the first time in a long time that I felt hope, and I knew I would make it through this. She spent hours helping me get all of my paperwork in order, preparing me for what to expect, and coaching me on how to represent myself at trial. She answered any and all questions no matter how silly they may have been. 

"Thank you for all your help during [the bankruptcy] process. I really appreciate everything you did, and the time it took to do so." - SK

"I truly appreciate Housing Justice Project. Thank you!" - KP

"Thank you for offering your time and bringing your knowledge to [the clinic] to help us. The information and next step to take is something I have needed and hoped for." -S

"Thank you so much for your time and efforts to help us. For me it gave me new hope and the chance to have a family again. Thank you." -TG

"I saw the VLP twice for my case and both times they were very helpful. I think they are doing a great job!" -KS

"I attended my case status hearing and was not sure what to expect. Fortunately I was able to figure out the forms needed to complete my divorce, and brought the completed forms with me. I had them mostly completed correctly, minus a couple small items. The VLP volunteer helped to fix the errors, and I left divorced. Very helpful!" - EM

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