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Announcing our new V.I.V.!

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The VLP is pleased to announce the October V.I.V. – Very Important Volunteer is Charity Rotinski!

Charity attended Spokane Community College for her degree and Whatcom Community College to complete her LLLT classes. Charity works at the firm 123 Family Law Legal Technician, and has been practicing as a LLLT for 1 year as of October 2022. She worked in various internships for at least 2 years before that, these included experience in family law and dependency.

Charity says that the main reason she volunteers is her desire to help others and to alleviate stress as people go through the legal process. Her favorite part of volunteering is when she is able to assist someone struggling with a legal matters and seeing the gratitude they feel for the help they received from the VLP.

Charity has had a positive experience with the VLP in the past and throughout her time with the VLP she says she has been surrounded by encouraging people who want to see others succeed. She also would emphasize how much she has learned through volunteering! She says “the experience I gain doesn’t just impact my skills and knowledge as a LLLT but I also learn about people and gaining empathy.”

From her time working with the VLP Charity wanted new volunteers to know, “Be patient as you learn if you are brand new to the legal field. If you are only new to The VLP I would encourage you to enjoy giving back and to appreciate the people that come for help that often feel hopeless without the VLP services.”

Charity expressed that “not only is volunteering with the VLP a good way to give back to your community but it is a way to connect with others as well as build skills if you are new to the legal field.” A special thanks to Charity for your support of VLP clients. The VLP appreciates your volunteering efforts!

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