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Court Dates

Updated: Sep 11, 2020


A criminal proceeding where the defendant is charged with a crime and asked to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.


Any legal proceeding heard by a judge or other official (Ex: court commissioner) where evidence is presented to determine an issue without a jury.

Pretrial Conference

A meeting before the judge to determine if the parties are ready to go to trial.


A court date where the parties submit agreed documents to the court.

Show Cause

A court date where the parties must explain to the court why further action is not needed. There are different varieties of Show Cause:

  • Show Cause for Dismissal - parties did not attend a court hearing.

  • Show Cause for Contempt - one party is alleging that the other party is not following a court order.

  • Show Cause for Unlawful Detainer - a landlord is alleging that a tenant should be evicted.

Status Conference

A meeting in court before trial where attorneys (or parties) tell the judge how the case is proceeding.

In Family Law - are the parties in agreement, are they in the process of settling, do they need a trial date?


The meeting before a judge and jury where findings of fact and findings of law are examined in a case and a ruling is determined.

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