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Free Legal Education Videos Now Available Online!

The VLP is pleased to announce that legal educational videos are now available for free online. The creation of these videos was made possible by the American Bar Endowment, Spokane County judges, the Clerk’s Office, Spokane County Risk Management, Allied Security, Children’s Waiting Room, Gonzaga University Law, Community-Minded Enterprises, and the hardworking staff of the SCBA and VLP.

Videos currently available and their descriptions:

Volunteer Lawyers Program Overview

In this video, learn about the Volunteer Lawyers Program, its services, and how to apply.

Courthouse Navigation

Learn to identify key locations and services offered around the Spokane County campus.

Courthouse Security

Security Dos and Don'ts - Understand what to expect during the Spokane County Courthouse security process.

Clerk’s Office

Honorable Timothy Fitzgerald, Clerk of Spokane County Superior Court, explains what the Clerk's office is and how to use its services.

Children’s Waiting Room

Learn about the Children's Waiting Room, a free drop-in childcare program available to parents or guardians attending to business on the Spokane County Courthouse campus.

GU Legal Assistance

Learn about the legal services offered by Gonzaga University School of Law.

Make Your Best Appearance

Honorable Debra Hayes and Honorable Aimee Maurer, two experienced Spokane County District Court Judges, break down what to wear and how to behave during your court appearance.

General Legalese: Part 1

In Part 1 of our General Legalese series, learn about common terms describing people that are in the courtroom.

General Legalese: Part 2

In Part 2 of our General Legalese series, learn about terms for things you might do or hear in a legal proceeding.

General Legalese: Part 3

In Part 3 of our General Legalese series, we look at terms for things that might happen in the courtroom, things that might happen outside the courtroom, and some things you’ll want to avoid doing.

Legalese: Family Law Terms Explained

In this video, we define terms commonly used in Family Law cases.


Spokane attorney Kristina Ralls describes how to complete civil legal forms in Spokane County.


Spokane attorney Kristina Ralls discusses how to complete, file, and present a motion in Spokane County.

Personal Service

Learn what service means in a legal context and how to serve legal documents in person.

Service by Mail

Learn how to serve other parties by mail.

Service by Publication

Learn about service by publication and the timeline and associated costs


Learn about mediation, when to choose mediation, and questions to consider when hiring a mediator.

Facing Eviction

Understand the causes for eviction, communication strategies, eviction notices and legal procedures, the legal process, the courts role, physical eviction, how the Volunteer Lawyers Program can help, and ways to start over.

Protection Orders

Learn about the different types of Protection Orders, who can get them, and what they do.

Wills Repository

In this video, we discuss Spokane County's Will Repository and the procedure for depositing your will at the Spokane County Clerk's Office.

Got Debt?

Spokane County Bar Association Executive Director Julie Griffith explains your options for dealing with debt.

Name Changes

Learn about the name change process for adults and minors in Spokane County.

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