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It's Pro Bono Month!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The VLP is pro pro bono.

A VLP volunteer assisting at a legal advice clinic.

October is dedicated to acknowledging the need for pro bono services and refocusing on assisting those who don’t have access to legal resources. Attorneys who take cases pro bono have been around for a while, but legal assistance programs like the VLP have only been mainstream in the legal community for about 50 years.

Federal funding for civil legal services wasn’t granted by the Federal Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) until 1966. Washington didn’t see its first OEO legal services program until the following year. Since then, the support for legal aid services has grown and evolved to better serve the community.

This month celebrate Pro Bono work with the VLP! Later this month the VLP will be hosting activities to celebrate National Pro Bono Week (October 20-26). Check back with us next week for updates.

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